The Carpet Merchant J-L Gérôme

Le marchand de tapis du Caire, Gérôme

Copy (on process), copie en cours de production

Copy of the Mercant carpet Gerome by Lara Laria Martin
This a step of the copy of the painting painted by Gerôme “The mercant carpet in Cairo”. Etape du tableau, le marchand de tapis du Caire de Gérôme copié par Lara Martin.

                               Original version

Painting The mercant Carpet in Cairo Gerome
This is the original painted by Jean-Léon Gérome, painting “The Mercant Carpet in Cairo”. Original du tableau de Gérôme “le marchand de tapis du Caire”.

The Carpet Merchant depicts the Court of the Rug Market in Cairo, which Gérôme had visited in 1885.

Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824 to 1904) is a French painter worldwide renown for his precision, meticulous rendered scènes of religion, mythologye, orient and history.

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